Top 5 Ways to Profit Starting a Courier Service

5 Ways to Profit Starting a Courier Service

5 Ways to Profit Starting a Courier Service

Like all businesses, making a profit is one of the top priorities. You certainly want a healthy profit for your courier service business. So how can you do that? Here are five ways:
1. Do great work

It sounds obvious, but it can be the very thing that can hold you back from a big profit. Do really great work. Go the extra mile and then keep on going. This attitude will propel you to the top of the courier-service world. You want your service to be the best one in town, the one everyone calls when they want a trusted business to get that package or other item safely and quickly across town. Work hard and that can be true.
2. Press release

Writing a press release is a completely free and very profitable way to get business. In the press release talk about what makes your business special. Mention what services you offer. Next, send the press release to your local newspaper. You might have to make a follow-up call, but you could soon have an article written about you and your business. An article about your business is not only great press, but newspapers are still looked upon as one of the most trustworthy sources of news and information, so a positive article from a reputable newspaper is a glowing recommendation for your service.
3. Custom notepads

Custom notepads are a fun and fairly inexpensive way to get business. Hand them out to existing and potential customers. People need notepads for a variety of things: writing to-do lists, making a grocery list, remembering a phone number, jotting down thoughts and ideas and more. Each time someone uses your notepad, they’ll be reminded of your business. Be sure to put your business’s name and contact information at the top of each page. Soon enough you’ll get calls and big profits coming your way.
4. Rush and stat service

Offering quick service will easily bring you a lot of business. “Rush” service is when you are asked to pick up and deliver the items within two hours of the call. “Stat” service is pickup and drop-off in an hour from the time of the call. If you can offer these services, you’ll get a lot of customers, especially from the medical community who often needs medical specimens transported quickly and safely.
5. Senior errands

As seniors continue to age, many become homebound and unable to complete errands. Still, they need groceries, medicine picked up from the pharmacy, dry cleaning and a variety of other errands done for them. If you offer this special niche, you open yourself up to a lot of business. Many seniors live in communities with other seniors and love telling their friends about a great service. Do a great job running errands for a senior, and you could see a lot of work head your way.
There are many ways to profit with a courier service business. Offer rush and stat service, run errands for seniors, write a press release, pass out custom notepads, and above all, do great work. Soon enough you’ll see the type of profits you’d like. To learn more ways, read How to Start a Courier Business.