How To Start a Courier Service Business In Just a Week

Courier Service Business Delivering Packages

You probably spend a lot of time every week running errands. You’re often in your car too, driving around town, stopping here and there to complete errands. But what if you could get paid to do that for other people and businesses? Good money too. That’s all possible by starting your own courier service business. Won’t that take awhile? Not at all. In fact, you can start a courier service business in just a week.

First you need to answer some questions. Are you motivated to be a success? Are you good at dealing with people? Would you like to make great money? Do you own a reliable vehicle, such as a truck or van? Would you like to be your own boss? Would you like to avoid the 9 to 5 rat race? If you answered yes to all these, then you’re ready to begin!

One of the first things you’ll need to do is take care of some legal items. First, you must decide what the legal structure of your business is. Is it a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company (LLC)? This will determine what taxes you’ll pay. Next you need to license your business with your state, and get a federal tax identification number.

Now it’s time to get some insurance. Certain states require a special kind of vehicle insurance if you use your car for commercial purposes, which you will be doing as a courier. You should also look into business liability insurance. You want to be protected in the event of a claim or lawsuit.

Okay, got that out of the way? Now it’s time to have some fun. You need to pick a name for your business. Make sure the name isn’t currently being used in your area, and that it hasn’t been trademarked by someone else. Consider putting your town name or your own name into your business’s name. For example: St. Paul Courier Service or Stevie’s Errand Service.

Now let’s look into some tools. You have to have a reliable vehicle, cell phone and computer. The cell phone and computer is how you’ll get most of your business and keep good and accurate records. Next there are some optional items you’ll want to consider. First, a GPS unit. This will help you find the pickup and drop-off locations all around town. It’s simply safer and easier to use than a handheld map. Next, you’ll probably want a reliable day planner. You need to keep track of all your appointments and jobs. Whether it’s a physical day planner or something on your computer, it’s definitely something to look into. And be sure to get some business cards while you’re at it. It’s a great way to let others know about your business. What if you have to transport a heavy load? Then you’ll want a hand truck, which will make it easier. Get a hand truck that can haul at least 300 pounds, and you should be good. Now what if you’re asked to transport a fragile item, such as a vase? Well, be sure to have some moving blankets in your vehicle, as a way to keep these items safe.

Now you’re ready to begin advertising. There are many ways, whether it’s the newspaper, passing out business cards, Craigslist or more. Soon you’ll see the business start to roll in.

Starting your own courier service business is quite easy. It won’t cost you a lot, nor take a ton of work. In fact, you can do it all in just a week. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.