The Easy Way To Pick A Name For Your Courier Business

The Easy Way To Pick A Name For Your Courier BusinessMaybe you got away with listing your company name on all your legal paperwork with a corporate identity you intend to use as an umbrella name. But now you are faced with having to create an actual name for your courier business. It will be the name that will be on your business cards, on the sides of your vehicles, on the window of your office, in your advertising and everywhere else you put it to promote your business. But what are you going to call it? Let me help you with the 5 W’s of naming your courier business:

1 – Who

Who are you? You will want to use your personal name somehow in the name of your courier business. Even if you don’t want to do this, let me tell you why you should. If you use your personal name (first name only) it will not only give your business name a personality, it will sound friendly. Plus, if your name is in the business name, customers can call and ask specifically for you instead of a faceless, nameless customer service rep.

2 – What

I know, this may seem too simple, but you need to describe what your business is in the name you use for your courier business. In other words, you have to make it obvious to everyone what it is you do for business. This may not be true for giant corporations with names that say nothing about what they do (MacDonald’s, Wal-Mart and Greyhound are examples) but in the world of small business and entrepreneurship, you will need to be clear in your business name as to what you do.

3 – Where

Another good idea that will set your business apart from the larger ‘chain operators’ is to include the name of the community you service within your business name. If your service area covers a region, then use the geographic name instead. While it may seem redundant to use your city name in the business based in your city, your customers will see it differently. In most cases, the fact that your business name says you are servicing the area known as (fill in the blank) will gain you business as most everyone prefers to deal with a locally-owned and operated small business.

4 – When

This is an important tip if your courier service operates 24-hours a day or has a schedule that is different from the regular five or six day per week stint of most businesses. So, for example, Rob’s 24-Hour Courier Service of Seattle says a whole lot more about the business than Rob’s Service does. Plus, if the business name says enough it reduces a lot of questions that potential customers may have. Do you operate after 6:00 PM? Do you deliver anywhere in Seattle? Those questions should be answered with the business name of Rob’s 24-Hour Courier Service of Seattle.

5 – Why

Now I get to explain why you need to keep your courier business name simple and focused on explaining what your business is about. You want to be remembered for more than you rates, prompt service and friendly attitude. While all of these things will help your business to succeed, none of it will matter if your customers can’t remember the name of your business. You also want new customers to be able to locate your business when they search for it in online phone directories or other location devices. If your name is easier to forget than it is to remember, you may as well be unlisted.

I hope these tips have been helpful and that you see the value in putting a lot of effort in selecting the right name for your courier business. It will be what people will associate with you and what you do for a living so you will want a business name that says the right things without saying too much.