Can You Really Make $288 a Day Delivering Packages Around Town?

Courier Service Business

Starting your own courier service is a great way to make money while driving around town and delivering documents and other items. You perform a valuable service and make good money doing it. How much money? It’s really quite possible to make $288 a day. Here’s how:

Courier service businesses transport documents, packages, medical supplies and more. They perform a similar service to UPS and FedEx, but are better for local jobs that need to be done quickly, such as transporting important legal documents or delivering flowers. It’s simply a much-needed service that everyone needs at some time, some on a regular basis. Many of us spend a lot of time in our car, driving around town and completing errands. Starting your own courier business is your chance to do these things and get paid to do it.

So how much money are we talking about? Couriers make different amounts based on what part of the country they live in. The national average is currently $36 an hour. Work an eight-hour day and you’ve just made $288.

As a courier, you provide an important service. You keep businesses running smoothly. You get those important medical specimens across town in a hurry. You get those flowers delivered to Ms. Conroy on time, still looking great. Business and individuals are willing to pay top dollar to see their items delivered quickly and smoothly.

There are also ways you can make even more money. If it’s rush service (the items are picked up and delivered within two hours), consider charging 10% extra. If it’s a “stat” job (the items are picked up and delivered within an hour, often medical items), consider charging an extra 25%. Also, be sure to charge extra if the item is particularly heavy. Develop a system, such as items 25 pounds and under carry no extra cost, while items over 25 pounds carry an additional fee of 10 cents per each additional pound. Don’t forget about wait times. If you have to wait a particularly long time, such as over five minutes, that could bring with it an additional fee too. And what if you’re asked to deliver items outside of your normal work hours or on a weekend or holiday? That should also bring with it an additional charge. Be sure to be up front with your customers about your fees, and they won’t see a problem in these extra charges.

Your courier service business is the perfect way to not only help people, but make great money doing it. With a little hard work you can be on your way to making $288 a day in no time, all just from delivering packages around town. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.