5 Ways To Get All The Courier Delivery Jobs You Can Handle

How to Get All The Courier Delivery Jobs You Want

You’re ready and eager to get a lot of work for your courier service business. You’re motivated, ready to work hard and you want to be a big success. So how can you get a lot of work? Really, you’d like to have all the courier delivery jobs you can handle. How can you do that? Here’s how:

1. Custom notepads

Custom notepads are a fun and fairly inexpensive way to get a lot of business. On the top of each page, you have your business’s name and contact information. You simply hand them out to existing and prospective customers. People always need notepads. They need some place to write down that thought or idea, that phone number, the grocery list, Tuesday’s to-do list and more. Every time they use your notepad, they’ll see your business’s name and number on it. Soon they’ll be calling you for all their courier and errand needs.

2. Magnetic signs

As you work, you’ll be driving your vehicle around town. An ad on your vehicle is the perfect way to advertise your service. In particular, a magnetic sign will do. You can get one for a one-time cost of only $60. Everywhere you drive, people will see your sign in action. Another cheap and fun way to advertise.

3. Hospitals and medical buildings

The hospital and medical community has a lot of need for reliable couriers. Often, doctors and other medical professionals will need medical products and lab specimens delivered quickly. In particular, they might need them “stat,” which usually means pickup and delivery in an hour. These medical professionals are simply too busy to do the delivering themselves. Get in good with a hospital or clinic, and you could see a lot of work coming your way.

4. Press release

A press release is another fun and cheap way to get attention for your business. In fact, if you write it yourself, it doesn’t cost you a cent! In the press release, mention what your courier business can do for other people, and what sets you apart from the others. Next, send it in to your local newspaper. You might have to follow up, but you just might get an article written about you and your business. That means free publicity for you, and people will naturally think of your business thanks to the positive article in the newspaper.

5. Seniors

As seniors get older, many become homebound and can no longer run errands themselves. Still, they need groceries, medicine picked up from the pharmacy, dry cleaning and more. A senior errand service can be a fun and profitable add-on to your courier service. You’d mostly be running errands you yourself do all the time, but this time making good money doing it. Plus, seniors love referring good services to their friends, which could mean a lot of work for you. Remember, many seniors live in retirement communities where they potentially know a lot of people that could use a service like yours.

There are many ways to get courier delivery jobs. Try these five out, and soon you’ll have a lot of courier work. Before you know it, you’ll have all the courier jobs you can handle. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.