Five Free Ways to Promote Your Courier Business

You’d like to get a lot of work coming in. But on the other hand you don’t want to spend a lot of money on advertising. Are there some free ways you could promote your courier service business? There sure are. Here are five to get you started:

1. Networking

Like any business, networking is a great way to promote your courier service. Get out there and meet people. Let them know about your service. Show up dressed professionally and act friendly, and people will be more inclined to hear just what your courier service business can do for them. Meet bankers, medical professionals, architects, lawyers, shop owners and more. While you’re at it, meet other couriers. They will often throw business your way if they get too busy or unable to complete a delivery on a deadline.

2. Press release

Write a press release that tells about your business. There are many web sites that can tell you how to write a great press release if you need help. In the press release, talk about what makes your business special. Talk about the services you offer. Be sure to mention your business’s attributes, the things that make your courier service business the one to call. Next, send the press release to your local newspaper, and soon they just might want to do an article about you and your business. Not only is an article great publicity, but it’s completely free to you!


There are many web sites online where you can advertise your services completely free. Plus, many are very easy to use. You can put an ad online in no time. Popular ones include and Take a minute and post an ad. Make your ad look professional. Aim for proper spelling and grammar. Soon you’ll see those calls coming in.

4. Web site or blog

You can start your own web site or blog in just a few minutes. There are many free options available too. Put together a nice looking web site or blog and refer prospective customers to it. Have contact information, talk about your services and list your rates. A web site or blog is simply a great way to build customer trust and let them know what you can do for them.

5. Referrals

Referrals are one of the best, if not the best, way to get business. Simply do a really great job, and a customer will be more than likely to mention your courier business to their friends and associates. In fact, you should encourage referrals. Ask if a customer has a friend or associate that might want your service. Referrals are simply an easy way to get business. All you have to do is continue to provide great service. Your customers do the promotion for you!

There are many free ways to promote your courier service business. Post an ad online, write a press release, start a web site or blog, network with other people and work hard to get referrals. Soon you’ll have all the business you want. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.






Earn Extra Cash With a Part-Time Courier Service Business

Vintage Dutch Courier Bicycle

If you want to make some extra income, but don’t want to be stuck in a low paying part-time job with a strict schedule, consider becoming a local courier.

A courier service business provides a much-needed service for any community. They get packages and other items where they need to be, quickly and effectively. They provide a service similar to UPS and FedEx, but they can do quick last-minute jobs or ones that are on a local level, such as getting a legal document across town. They keep businesses and other companies running smoothly. Every community needs local couriers on a regular basis.

To succeed, you will need to be courteous, dependable and professional. A professional courier looks neat and dresses like a pro. That doesn’t mean wearing a uniform, just a neat outfit. One very successful courier service wears black pants and red shirts to create a consistent professional “look.”

Before you start, ask yourself what you could do better, or faster or cheaper than the “big boys” like UPS and Fedex. How about same-day pickup and delivery in your local area for the same price as the big boys charge for 2-3 day service? You’ll still make plenty of money, and attract customers who want their parcels delivered today, not in two or three days. Especially for time sensitive deliveries, such as medical specimens, perishable products or legal documents, the ability to deliver NOW can give you the winning edge.

Customer service can play a big role in your success as well, so be sure that your courier service business provides exceptional service. That could be something as simple as calling a customer to let them know that you’ll be delivering their package around 2 p.m. or remembering a customer’s special needs. One very successful courier remembers each customer’s birthday with a personal card each year.

Because local couriers have a flexible schedule, it’s an ideal part-time business. You can focus on a specific type of delivery, such as medical or legal, rather than taking all jobs that come your way. Perhaps you have to take care of your kids a certain time of the day. You can build your schedule around your own needs. Sure, you will have the greatest chance at getting work if you can work at least sometime in the 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. time frame, but you can find work other times too. Things need to be delivered at night or on weekends as well. You simply pickup items and drop them off where they need to be. That’s about it. Do good work, convey professionalism and you’ll be a success.

With the current national average for couriers at $36 an hour, you can make an outstanding part-time or full time income by simply being more flexible than the big national or regional delivery companies, and focusing on local service. You won’t need to deliver a package across the country, but you can sure get it across town pronto and make good money doing it.

Starting a part-time courier service is not expensive either – all you need to get started is a reliable vehicle, a cell phone and flyers to pass out to prospects. To learn more about becoming a local courier, read How to Start a Courier Business.





Courier Service Business Secrets

Start a Courier Service Business

You’d like your courier service business to be the best, to be the one everyone calls. So what are the secrets that could get you ahead and make your courier business the one everyone thinks of when they need to get a package to somewhere quickly and effectively. Here are a few:

1. Custom notepads

Getting your own custom notepads is a great promotional tool. You pass out notepads with your company name and contact information on it to customers and prospects. Everyone needs a notepad, something to jot down to-do lists, grocery lists and more. Soon your company name will become ingrained in their memory, and the next time they’re tapping their pen on your notepad wondering who to call to get that package delivered, they’ll know to call you.

2. Dress for success

Like any business, dressing for success will help you look more professional, and gain respect from customers and potential customers. Consider wearing a polo shirt with your courier business name on it. You could also wear a cap with your business’s name on it too. Being neatly dressed will put your customers at ease, and make them trust your abilities even more. And don’t forget to smile. Convey confidence and professionalism, and you’ll go far.

3. Love complaints

You certainly don’t want to generate complaints, but you want to know what you could be doing better. Encourage your customers to speak honestly with you, to let you know how you’re doing. When you hear complaints, try to fix them. Do your best to make the customer happy. If you can fix the problem, or at least make a good effort towards doing so, the customer will be more than likely to give you a second chance.

4. Press release

Writing a press release is a fun and free way to get publicity for your courier service. In the press release, mention what makes your new business the one to call. Talk about your services, and what you have to offer. Once completed, send the press release to your local newspaper. There’s a good chance they’ll want to do an article about you and your new courier business. An article means free publicity, which can mean more customers for you. If people see the newspaper has written about you, they’ll be more likely to choose your service as the one to call.

5. A good name

Your business should have a fun and easy-to-remember name. Stanley Brothers Courier and Errand Service Unlimited is probably not the ideal name to use. Keep it fun and snappy. How about RoadRunner Couriers or Johnny’s Courier Service. Having a name that’s easy to remember will greatly increase your business. If the name has a fun ring to it, it’ll get engrained in people’s minds more easily.

These are just some of the secrets that can turn you into an all-star courier. If you’re hard working, determined and great with people, then you can become a successful courier. Try out these secrets, and soon you’ll be at the top of your game. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.




Checklist For Bidding Courier Service Jobs

A Courier Service - Perfect for Retirees?

When preparing bids for your customers, you need to keep several things in mind. You want to be sure you’re paid what you deserve. Like any business, you want to be sure you can make a good profit. Plus, you want to be able to give an accurate estimate to your customers. Here’s a checklist to help you:

1. Mileage

Most couriers charge by the job, but maybe you’d prefer to charge by the mile. This could be important if the job involves driving a considerable distance. Often, couriers that choose to charge for mileage will charge $1.60 a mile if they use a car, or $2 a mile if they use a van or truck. Check current mileage rates in your area by getting a delivery quote from another courier service

2. Load

If the load is particularly heavy, then that could bring with it an additional charge. Remember to have a hand truck with you, as this will make it easier to transport heavy or awkward items. For heavy loads, many couriers do something like, “If it’s under 25 pounds, there is no additional cost, but if it’s over 25 pounds, then they’ll be an additional fee of 10 cents for each pound after 25 pounds.”

3. Speed

If you’re asked to deliver the package or other item in a particularly speedy fashion (such as within an hour or two after you were called for the job), then an additional fee is appropriate. “Rush” service is when you’re asked to pick up an item and drop it off within two hours. Many couriers charge an additional 10% for any “rush” service jobs. “Stat” service is when you’re asked to pick up the item and drop it off within an hour. For a “stat” job, 25% extra is a customary charge.

4. When

If the delivery is taking place outside of your normal business hours, then it is customary to charge extra. If it is after hours, such as before 8:00 a.m. or between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., then charge $15 extra. If it is late night, which is between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., then an extra charge of $20 is appropriate. Also, if you’re asked to pick up and deliver the item on a weekend or holiday, $20 extra is a good amount.

5. Wait Time

What if you get to the pick up site on time and you’re forced to wait a few minutes because the customer does not have the package ready? This slows you down, and could put you off schedule, especially with your other jobs that need to be completed that day. It’s certainly appropriate to charge an extra fee. If you have to wait under five minutes, don’t charge anything. If you have to wait over five minutes, consider charging 60 cents for each additional minute.

Print out this checklist and take it with you as you drive around town, delivering packages and other items. Keep it handy when you give an estimate to a customer. This will make for more accurate bids and better profits for you. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.




Can You Spare 12 Hours a Week? Here’s How to Earn an Extra $432 Delivering Packages

Courier Service Business Delivering Packages

It sure would be nice to make some extra money. There’s that college fund you’d like to put money in, or that vacation to Hawaii you’ve had to put off for years. If only there was a way. Do you have 12 hours to spare a week? If so, here’s how you can make a solid part-time income delivering packages.

Couriers are called on everyday to get packages and other items delivered across town, effectively and quickly. They provide a similar service to UPS and FedEx, but are more suited for last-minute and local jobs around town. They simply provide a much-needed service for any community. It helps businesses and other companies run smoothly.

As the owner of your own courier service, you’re in charge. You can work as little or as much as you’d like. It’s the perfect fit for someone looking to make some extra cash. You can spread your 12 hours over several days or just a couple. Plus, you have the freedom to set your own rates, and make the kind of money you want to make. So what kind of money can you make?  The going rate for courier service businesses varies based on what part of the country you live in. The current national average is $36 an hour. If you work 12 hours a week, you’ll be making $432.

The work of a courier is fairly simple too. Chances are you run errands several times a week. Maybe you pick something up and then drop it off somewhere else. That’s the kind of things you’ll be doing as a courier. A local flower company doesn’t have an in-house delivery driver, and someone has to get these roses to Mrs. Couch. Who do they call? A courier. An architect needs to get revised plans to a builder. Who do they call? A courier.

If you’re highly motivated, good with people and can do great work, then you have what it takes to be a courier. If you have a reliable vehicle, cell phone and computer, then you have most of the tools necessary to be a success. Beyond that there are additional tools you’ll want to consider, but they shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. Plus, you’ll be making great money in no time.

If you have 12 hours to spare a week, you could make an extra $400—or more—by becoming a courier. Your courier service business delivers packages and other items and makes good money doing it. You have a flexible schedule, and get to enjoy the benefits of having your own business. Soon you’ll be making good money, and be on your way to success. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.




Can You Really Make $288 a Day Delivering Packages Around Town?

Courier Service Business

Starting your own courier service is a great way to make money while driving around town and delivering documents and other items. You perform a valuable service and make good money doing it. How much money? It’s really quite possible to make $288 a day. Here’s how:

Courier service businesses transport documents, packages, medical supplies and more. They perform a similar service to UPS and FedEx, but are better for local jobs that need to be done quickly, such as transporting important legal documents or delivering flowers. It’s simply a much-needed service that everyone needs at some time, some on a regular basis. Many of us spend a lot of time in our car, driving around town and completing errands. Starting your own courier business is your chance to do these things and get paid to do it.

So how much money are we talking about? Couriers make different amounts based on what part of the country they live in. The national average is currently $36 an hour. Work an eight-hour day and you’ve just made $288.

As a courier, you provide an important service. You keep businesses running smoothly. You get those important medical specimens across town in a hurry. You get those flowers delivered to Ms. Conroy on time, still looking great. Business and individuals are willing to pay top dollar to see their items delivered quickly and smoothly.

There are also ways you can make even more money. If it’s rush service (the items are picked up and delivered within two hours), consider charging 10% extra. If it’s a “stat” job (the items are picked up and delivered within an hour, often medical items), consider charging an extra 25%. Also, be sure to charge extra if the item is particularly heavy. Develop a system, such as items 25 pounds and under carry no extra cost, while items over 25 pounds carry an additional fee of 10 cents per each additional pound. Don’t forget about wait times. If you have to wait a particularly long time, such as over five minutes, that could bring with it an additional fee too. And what if you’re asked to deliver items outside of your normal work hours or on a weekend or holiday? That should also bring with it an additional charge. Be sure to be up front with your customers about your fees, and they won’t see a problem in these extra charges.

Your courier service business is the perfect way to not only help people, but make great money doing it. With a little hard work you can be on your way to making $288 a day in no time, all just from delivering packages around town. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.




Blueprint For Starting a Successful Courier Business

Courier Runner

What will it take to make your courier service business a success? What are the things you can do to be on top of the courier world? Here’s a blueprint that’ll show you just how you can become an all-star courier.


1. Good name

Come up with a good name for your courier business. Something fun and easy to remember. Stanley and Sons Courier and Errand Service Unlimited is probably not what you want. Instead how about: Roadrunner Couriers. Something catchy will keep the calls coming in.

2. Promote your business

Simply starting your business is not enough. You need to tell people about your business. Let them know just what your courier service can do for them. Make a web site or blog. Write a press release and send it to your local newspaper. Pass out business cards and notepads with your company name and phone number. Talk to bankers, lawyers, architect, medical professionals, shop owners and anyone else who could use your service. Get the word out!

3. Be able to work quickly

Couriering is a fast-paced world, and the courier who can work fast will work a lot. That doesn’t mean you should be racing your car around town. We’re not telling you to break any laws. But, work quickly and effectively. Get the job done promptly and as promised, and your customers will be really happy.

4. Do great work

That sounds obvious, but if your business is not getting a lot of customers, that just might be the reason. The best advertisement is that you do really good work. Go the extra mile, and then keep on going. Keep your customers happy. Check in with them on a regular basis to see how you’re doing. Learn from complaints. Do all you can do to make your business the one, and only one, to call.

5 Have the right tools

Having the right equipment will keep your courier service business running smoothly. Have a reliable vehicle, use a cell phone for contacting customers and keep accurate records on your computer. Have moving blankets with you in case you’re transporting fragile items. Own a hand truck that can help you haul heavy loads. Keep a detailed day planner to help you stay on top of all your jobs. Use a GPS unit so you can get to pickup and drop-off sites on time.

6. Be professional

In addition to doing great work, you need to act and look professional. Always be neatly dressed. Wear a polo shirt with your business’s name on it. Wear a cap with your business’s name on it too. Treat all customers and potential customers with respect. Act friendly. Do these things, and you’ll earn your customers’ trust in no time.

You’d like your courier service business to be a success. Follow this blueprint, and you’ll achieve that. In no time, your business will be the talk of town and your profits will soar. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.




6 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Courier Service Business

Start Your Own Courier Service

A courier business is a great way to make good money, while enjoying the benefits of being your own boss. There are several things you do need to know before you get started. Here are the six most important:

1. Legal decisions

In setting up your courier business, there are some legal things you need to decide. First of all, what is your legal structure? Is your business a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company (LLC)? Next you’ll need to license your business with your state. You’ll also need to get a federal tax identification number. It might sound a lot, but it’s really not. Don’t let these legal decisions scare you. Just take care of them, and you’ll be on your way.

2. Insurance

You’ll also need some insurance. Some states require a special kind of auto insurance if you use your vehicle for commercial purposes. You should also look into business liability insurance. You want to be protected in the event of a lawsuit or claim. Again, don’t let this stress you out or scare you away. Just take care of it, and you’ll be on your way.

3. Reliable vehicle

You simply must have a reliable vehicle, or else you’re going to run into a lot of problems. You don’t have to have a semi-truck or a large van to be a success, but you do need a car, pickup truck or van that can get you to and from places with no problems.

4. What you can get paid

You want to charge reasonable rates. Rates that make your customers happy, and can also bring you the profits you deserve. Don’t set your rates too low, but of course don’t set them too high. The national average for couriers is $36 an hour. Most couriers charge by each job, instead of an hourly charge. Find what works for you. You can always adjust your rates if circumstances change.

5. You will have to work hard

Starting your own business is great! It’s the best way to avoid the 9 to 5 rat race. Finally you get to be in charge. But still, you will have to work hard. You won’t have to work long hours to be a success, but running your own business isn’t a piece of cake either. Don’t worry, you can do it. If you work hard, you will be a success before you know it.

6. Don’t be afraid of complaints

You certainly don’t want your courier service business to generate complaints, but use them as a way to improve your business. Check in with your customers on a regular basis. Find out what you’re doing well, and what you’re not doing well. Encourage them to be honest with you. Don’t become defensive or start an argument if they have a complaint. Instead, say you’re sorry, and then work towards fixing the problem. If you make an effort to fix the problem, the customer will be more than likely to give you a second chance.

These are six things you need to know before starting a courier business. Don’t let them scare you away. If anything, they should motivate you to be a success. You can do it too. Work hard and before long, your courier service business will be the one to call. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.