Start a Courier Service For a Full-Time Income With Part-Time Hours

Start Your Own Part-Time Courier Business

Start Your Own Part-Time Courier Business

A part-time courier service is an ideal business for generating a full-time income for 12-20 hours a week of work. In a recent national survey of couriers, we found almost half worked less than 30 hours a week, by choice, while enjoying an average hourly rate of $34.

In addition, quite a few were early retirees who had no desire for a full-time job. Working part time allows couriers to spend more time with their family, enjoy hobbies or do volunteer work in the community.

As the owner of a courier service, you’re in charge of how many hours you work, and set your own rates. Working only 3 hours a day, or 15 hours a week, that’s $550 to use for a child’s college fund, pay off bills or to help pay for that dream vacation or a car.

With just a few local repeat customers, you can structure your deliveries to meet their needs and yours too. You could specialize in delivering legal documents for local attorneys, flowers for local florists, groceries for home-bound seniors or specimen pickup and delivery for a medical lab. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re motivated, dependable and good with people, you’ll do well as a courier. Do you have a reliable vehicle, a computer and a cell phone? If so, you’ve got the three essentials to get started.

If you want to start a service business that can provide a full-time income with part-time hours and enjoy more free time every day, a local courier service could be the ideal solution for you. To learn more, read How to Start a Courier Business.